Upgrading Domino Servers on IBM i Platforms

Domino on IBM i Platforms allows multiple versions of the Domino code to be loaded and partition server can run at different code levels. When you download the Domino code for IBM i from the IBM Passport Advantage site it comes as a Windows exe file. Running this is the easiest way to get the code on to the IBM i Platform. It will prompt you for the address of the IBM i Platform and a username and associated password with capabilities to install code, I usually use QSECOFR.

Warning: If you are installing Domino 8.5.x on i5/OS V5 then a Program Conversion will be required and this can take considerable amount of time. I have known it take a couple of hours. There is no indication of what it is doing and the program indicator appear to stick at about 64%. If you need to install Domino 8.5.x on multiple IBM i Platforms running i5/OS V5 then you can save the code from the first system you do and then transfer it to the other systems to save going through the program conversion exercise each time.

You can install the latest code on the IBM i Platform while the Domino servers are running.

1. Shut down the Domino Server.
Select option 6 next to the Domino server to be shut down
F5 will refresh the display and the Domino Status will show as Ended when the server has completely shutdown

2. Run fixup on a non existant database to flush the transaction logs, e.g.
rundomcmd server(servermame) cmd(call pgm(qnotes/fixup) parm(‘fred.nsf’))
You can view the output of this command by selecting option 5 next to domino server to display the console.

3. Update the code
upddomsvr server(servername) torls(*latest)

4. Perform a consistence check of all databases
rundomcmd server(servername) cmd(call pgm(qnotes/fixup) parm(‘-f’ ‘-j’ ‘-v’ ;-l’))
Use option 5 next to the Domino server to monitor the progress of this command, pressing F5 will refresh the display.

5. If upgrading to a version with a different On Disk Structure (ODS) to the previous version convert databases to the new ODS.
The ODS version changed at the following Domino releases
8.5 to ODS 51
8.0 to ODS 48
6.0 to ODS 43
If upgrading to Domino 8.0.x add CREATE_R8_DATABASES=1 to the notes.ini
If upgrading to Domino 8.5.x CREATE_R85_DATABASES=1 to the notes.ini
rundomcmd server(servername) cmd(call pgm(qnotes/compact) parm(‘-c’ ‘-i’))
Again use option 5 next to the Domino server to monitor the progress of this command, pressing F5 will refresh the display.

6. Update all view indexes
rundomcmd server(servername) cmd(call pgm(qnotes/updall) parm(‘-R’))

7. If upgrading to Domino 8.x and you want to enable DAOS see the next blog.

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