VMware Cloud on AWS Now Available in EU West (London) Region

On the 7th March 2018 VMware released SDDC Version 1.3 of their VMware Cloud on AWS service which added the AWS EU West (London) Region. This expands on the original US West (Oregon) and US East (North Virginia). US West (Oregon) was the 1st region VMware Cloud on AWS was available in from September 2017 with US East (North Virginia) added on 28th Nov 2017 as part of SDDC Version 1.2. Addition European and Asia Pacific Regions will be added in the future. These will probably be Frankfurt soon and then Asia Pacific in the second half of 2018.

This may be a benefit for companies that have restrictions on their data residing with the UK or Europe and also allows European companies to locate their services on VMware Cloud on AWS closer to them.

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