Lotus Domino

IBM Lotus Domino software is a world class platform for critical business, collaboration, and messaging applications.

It delivers highly reliable, scalable, and security-rich applications at a low total cost of ownership, helping companies enhance the productivity of people, streamline business processes and improve overall business responsiveness.


  • Extends messaging with built-in collaboration tools.
  • Offers flexibility and choice in hardware platform, operating system, directory and client access.
  • Provides industry leading security features to help safeguard business-critical information.
  • Helps maintain a low cost of ownership for messaging and collaboration infrastructure by optimising the use of supporting resources such as CPU, network bandwidth, disk storage, servers, and floor space.
  • Maximises server availability with advanced clustering, transaction logging, server fault recovery, and automated diagnostic tools.
  • Easy to administrate, requiring a minimal number of support staff to deploy, manage, and upgrade.
  • Supports Web services and open standards and offers tools for integration with existing applications.
  • Can contribute to rapid return on investment (ROI) with Lotus Domino software-powered solutions for your business processes, such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain, and Project Tracking.
  • Security-rich architecture helps protect your vital business data.