HPD Aquarius

wwwWe can provide the following services for HPD Aquarius and specialise in SCF and ID&F functionality:-

  1. Installation and configuration of Aquarius patches.
  2. Liaise with HPD regarding any issues installing patches.
  3. Configuration changes, such as: –
    1. FEAT setting in config.properties
    2. literals.properties changes
    3. interface format files
    4. jasper reports, including building the BDW views
  4. Monitoring of Production service and restoring service where possible following an outage. Where issue is due to software defect or data requiring HPD assistance then return to service time cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Assistance with problem investigation. This may include but not limited to: –
    1. Providing log files.
    2. Restoring Production data to Test environment.
    3. Running tests in Test environment
    4. Making config changes.
    5. Monitoring performance.
    6. Copying interface files.
    7. Running SQL queries.
  6. SSL certificate renewals.
  7. Major release upgrade, such as 06.04.1 to 06.07.1
  8. Third party software upgrades such as: –
    1. Tomcat
    2. JDK
    3. ant
    4. ActiveMQ
  9. Installation of new reports.