Enabling Domino Transactional Logging on Windows

When you enable Transactional Logging for Domino on a Windows platform and restart the Domino server transactional logging still is not enabled.

If you issue a show server command on the Domino Console it shows Transactional Logging as still disabled. Checking the server document shows that transactional logging is enabled and the settings have been applied to the notes.ini.

To get transactional logging to work you need to restart the whole Windows server the Domino server is running on not just the Domino server. I can not explain why restarting the whole Windows server is required but it is.

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  1. Tim Miller Dyck says:

    Hi, thanks for this. I couldn’t figure out why transactional logging was not being enabled. I don’t see why restarting the server should matter either, as this is an internal Domino setting.

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