Installing IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 Common Agent on ESX 4.0

You should be able to push the IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 Common Agent out from the IBM Systems Director to the ESX Hosts.  Firstly download the IBM Systems Director 6.1.1 Common Agent for Linux on x86 from the IBM Systems Director Agents for Remote Installation with the Installation Wizard Page.  6.1.1 is the latest version of the IBM Systems Director Common Agent for Linux on x86 at the time of writting.  When I downloaded this is came down as  You will find that when you attempt to import this into the IBM Director Server it will say that No agents were found.  Rename the downloaded file to SysDir6_1_1_Common_Agent_Linux_x86.tcdriver, it should then successfully import.  However, having imported it when you attempt to deploy it to an ESX 4 server you may get a message stating that it is not supported.  Best bet is to install it manually as follows: –

Extract from the SysDir6_1_1_Common_Agent_Linux_x86.tcdriver file (if your computer does not recognise it as a zipped file rename it to have a zip extension).
Transfer to the ESX host, make sure you transfer it in binary mode
Change the perfmissions on so that it can be executed, e.g. chmod 755
If you have a Remote Supervisor Adapter installed in the server run esxcfg-module -s libsub_support=1 usb.o (you will need to restart the ESX host)
Open a number of ports on the ESX firewall with: –
     esxcfg-firewall -o 9510:9515,tcp,in,ibmdirector
     esxcfg-firewall -o 9510:9515,tcp,out,ibmdirector
Run the installer with ./

Once it has finished installing you should be able to discover it with the IBM Systems Director console and gain access.

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