FCP Partner Path Misconfigured Error

If you are receiving FCP Partner Path Misconfigured Errors from your NetApp (or IBM N series) storage you can check with LUNs are being accessed via the partner path by running the lun stats command on the filer with the extended statistics. It is best if you collect the statistics over a few seconds, e.g. by running the command

lun stats –o –i 30 –c 1


–o tells the command to display the extended statistics

-i 30 tells the command to collect statistics for 30 seconds, you can use a different amount of seconds here if you wish

-c 1 tells the command to run 1 time, again you can you a different number here to get it to repeat the 30 seconds collection a number of times

If any LUNs were accessed via the partner path over the period you collected the statistics you will be able to see the amount of IOPS and kB transferred in the last two columns before the LUN name, i.e. Partner Ops and Partner kB.

This should help you identify which host may be misconfigured and therefore not accessing the LUNs via the filer they are defined on.

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