VCAP5 Exams Retirement

Those of you who have planned to take the either of the VCAP5 exams, VCAP5-DCA or VCAP5-DCD, need to get in quick as VMware have announced the retirement of these two exams as follows: –

  • VCAP5-DCA – Data Center Administrator will be retired on June 2nd 2016
  • VCAP5-DCD – Data Center Design will be retired on June 24th 2016

I took VCAP5-DCD 23 months ago and had planned to take VCAP5-DCA but never found the time to ensure I was 100% prepared for it. These exams are not cheap, last 3hours and the closest testing centre to me for the advanced exams is a 2.5 hour drive away. Therefore, I only wanted to book the DCA exam if I was 100% confident of passing it. As my VCAP5-DCD exam was the last VMware exam I passed then my VCP certification expires in 1 month. Therefore I have booked the VCAP5-DCA exam to give it a go before it is retired and renew my VCP (assuming I pass).

The expected general availability (GA) of the VCAP6-DCV exams, VCAP6-DCV-Design and VCAP6-DCV-Deploy, is 30th May 2016. The beta period of these exams closed on 18th March 2016, for the Design exam, and 26th February 2016, for the Deploy exam.

UPDATE: Pleased to say I passed by VCAP5-DCA
VMware have extended the life of the VCAP5 exams are currently there are no published retirement date for these exams.

The following VMware exams are also being retired in June: –

  • VCIX-NV – VMware Certified Implementation Export Network Virtualisation on June 2nd 2016
  • VCP-Cloud – VMware Certified Professional Cloud on June 24th 2016
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  1. someshsays says:

    Retirements has been suspended as of 17th May 2016.

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