VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1 and IBM N series (NetApp) SRA

I had an issue with VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1 with the IBM N series SRA and suspect it would be the same with the NetApp SRA.

SRM version installed 5.1.1, N series SRA version 2.0.1 installed.

When discovering replicated devices the task failed with a “Timed out (300 seconds) while waiting for SRA to complete ‘discoverDevices’ command”. To fix this I had to increase the storage command timeout value. I changed it to 600. This can be changed by right clicking on the site in the Site Recovery Manager GUI and selecting Advanced Settings, then under storage changing the storage.commandTimeout value from 300 to 600. I did this for both sites.

The next error while discovering replicated devices was “Internal error:std:exception ‘class Dr::Xml::XmlValidateException’ “Element ‘SourceDevices’ is not valid for content model: ‘(SourceDevice,)”.”. I have replicate and non-replicated volumes on the N series controllers that are not for VMware Datastores or VMware RDMs such as CIFS volume and iSCSI volumes for other physical servers. All of the VMware volumes are prefixed with NFS_VMware or VMFS so I edited each of the Array Managers and set “Volume include list” to “NFS_VMware, VMFS”. Note when editing the Array Manager you need to enter the username and password that the array manager uses to access the storage controller as the fields are blanked out.

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